Solving Golf Chipping Problems

Solving Golf Chipping Problems

Golf is the game that is played differently in different situations. This game of golf is divided into two categories: the long game (driving) and the short game (chipping or putting). Golf instructors generally give more attention to the driving and the short game is always lagging behind in terms of practice. Due to this reason, most of the golfers struggle in hitting a quality chip shot and they won’t perform better. Due to golf chipping problems the golfers won’t be able to get good scores. Chipping game also requires more consistency where most golfers struggle.

The main problem in chipping is to select the correct golf club (Iron). For a small chip shot you can use 9-iron, for medium shot use 5- and 6-iron and for longer chip shot 1-, 2- and 3-iron are good. Having the knowledge of each golf club and where to use them is very much necessary in golf.

Chipping is the game where you have to softly carry the ball near the hole totally opposite of driving. Here slight deviation in the shot can change your score greatly. Chipping is 1/3 in the air and 2/3 on the ground. Most golfers don’t consider this thing and their shot end up with golf ball goes past the hole.

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Some of the common Golf Chipping Problems according to site are as follows:

  • Swing Restriction: This is the most common problem faced by many golfers. Due to this, their swing won’t get much loft into the ball. The solution of this problem is to use a less lofted club and make a short backstroke but long follow through.
  • Address Position: At the impact the address position should be different from driving. You can choose the posture where your arms hang in natural way. According to your comfort you can change your position a little bit.
  • Ball Position: Some golfers believe that they need to change the ball position according the club used. This thing is acceptable up to some extent like for short and mid-irons 1 ball forward of center, for long and fairway woods 2 balls left of center and for a driver 3 balls left of center. The ball positioning also vary from different swing arch.
  • Eye positioning: Some golfers don’t keep their eyes on the ball and they have to pay for it by getting lesser score. Your eyes should always follow the golf ball before and after the hit.

Once you understand what are the causes of these golf chipping problems and how to fix them then your golf chipping will definitely improve more rapidly. Chipping is all about consistency and you need to give sufficient time to it while practicing.

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