Golf Putting Mats, Its Merits And Uses For Indoor & Outdoor Putting

Golf Putting Mats, Its Merits And Uses For Indoor & Outdoor Putting

Golf putting is an important part of the game with 40-50% scores of the game obtained from how well one putts. It is therefore beyond doubt as to why the putting training aids have become very popular. One of the most popular training aids in putting is the deluxe golf putting mat which gives the right feel of the green to the golfer.

Merits of Golf Putting Mats

Golf putting mats have gained a great deal of popularity because they create the prefect setting of greens to the golfer indoors as well as outdoors. These putting mats help golfers to train well under all circumstances, from the comforts of the home or from their offices as well. Deluxe golf putting mats are specially designed to give the golfer a fair idea and real feel of the entire putting game. In most of the putting mats, the green rises steadily towards the hole so that a golfer can understand “reading the greens” and have a hang of how well to predict how the ball would move. Apart from the incline, deluxe golf putting mats have rubber sheaths that help the mats to bind well on the ground and do not allow the mat to slip at all.

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Golf Putting Mats Deluxe

Some brands have also launched excellent putting mats that have automatic electronic return ball system in both cases of good putts and missed putts. This helps the golfers to get the ball back to the point from where the ball was putted. These deluxe putting mats can be easily purchased by online shopping and also from golf equipment stores.

How to Use Deluxe Golf Putting Mats?

The entire idea of having putting mats is to practice all kinds of putting techniques from the comforts of the home or a place away from the golf course. These putting mats can be easily fixed on the ground with easy screwing facilities. Once the mat is fixed, one can practice the game of putting. To begin with, a golfer must read the “greens” well (hear the putting mat) from all angles of the ball and the hole. This is to focus on how the ball is destined to move once a stroke is made. With the right putting grip where the wrists are parallel to each other and do not bend at all, one must attempt to address the putter face square at the golf ball. The next step is to keep the eyes directly focused on the ball and just behind it. One should imagine a target line connecting the ball with the hole and make an attempt to let the ball roll on the ground and gently sink into the hole. The feet should be fixed firmly on the ground with a slight gap between them. The ball must be placed at the center of the feet and the putting stroke must be given with a pendulum motion of the hands.

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It is not advisable to leave the putting mats outside in the field because bad weather conditions may deteriorate the quality of the mat. They must be neatly wrapped and stored in the storage boxes as provided by the manufacturers.