Golf Putting Instructions – Improve Your Golf Putting Technique

Golf Putting Instructions - Improve Your Golf Putting Technique

You may feel putting is a simple matter and all that is important is a good swing. You are wrong there as, putting is a tricky matter and requires a different set of skills. There are special putter clubs that work differently from an iron and woods. Irons and woods are designed to lift the ball while putter rolls the ball.

Golf putting instructions are very important as it helps you to get most out of the game. You should get correct putting instructions from a good golf instructor.

Great putting is very important to shooting low golf scores consistently. All golf putters have certain things in common with respect to putting. Learn all the keys to a good and solid putting stroke. Learn all the elements of good putting like a correct setup, good routine, etc to become a master of putting. It will help you to keep your golf scores lower.

Golf putting tips/instructions

You should take help from a good golf instructor to learn the good golf swing and be a good putter. You should learn the right things on the putting greens.

Have a strong putting routine

If you have a good putting routine, it will contribute to your success on putting green. You should practice putting strokes to judge the speed of longer putts correctly. This way you can feel the speed of how hard you need to hit your putt. When you have good practice stroke with the right length and tempo, you can copy the stroke closely. This will help you when you go for the actual stroke with the golf ball. You should master short putting to take off the pressure of the long putts.

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Your putting routine should include the following:

  • Reading of the green
  • Lining putts
  • Practice your strokes

Principles of putting instructions

There are some principles that guide putting instructions in golf which are mentioned as under:

  • You will have to sight the line of the putting from rear. Place your eyes just behind the golf ball over the putting line. The shot has to be as straight as possible. The stroke should be performed in one move, like an arm extension.
  • To get an accurate sight of from rear, constantly practice the trial and error kind of learning.
  • You may also practice a routine putting your eyes closed as it will help you to enjoy the stroke. Since you not get visual cues from the hole or the ball it removes all the pressure and you can focus on the pure stroke.
  • Draw a line mentally from your golf ball to the hole. Take a deep breath and hit the ball after releasing the breath. This is exactly as you shoot a gun. Relax and let your body move as you already know how to swing your club.
  • After you relax into the flow, and you draw a mental line, your arms will automatically swing the club in the correct way. Your head and body will move as one unit and you will feel as if both were still.
  • You need not be stiff while you are swinging your driver or iron or a putter. In case your body is stiff, you will loose power and control. It is actually very beneficial to let your body be flexible and limber. This way your hits will have power and accuracy.
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You will have to practice a lot to have a good putting. Follow all the putting from instructions while you practice even for 5-10 minutes a day.