Golf Club Tips For Beginners

Golf Club Tips For Beginners

The basic use of a golf club is to hit a golf ball. A golf club consists of a shaft, grip, hosel, club head, and ferrule. There are different types of clubs, such as woods, iron, hybrid, putters. The worth of a club does not depend on its price, unlike a lot of golfers think. Here are a few golf club tips which are to be considered when buying a golf club.

  • Shaft – the axle of the golf club is called a shaft. You should always buy a club with good quality shaft.
  • Shaft Flex – The shaft flex makes a lot of difference to the feel of the golf club and also has an effect on the distance. It is a major consideration when buying a golf club. If you are not aware of your speed swing, you can get it measured by a local golf shop. We also have a chart given below with the help of which you can measure your speed swing

Ladies Flex – This tells that the driver speed swing is less than 60 mph, and the driver carry distance is less than 180 yds. The club is used from 150 yds.

Senior / Flex – This tells that the driver speed swing is 60-75 mph. where as the distance is 180-210yds. The club is used from 150 yds.

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Regular Flex – The driver speed is 75 -80 mph. The distance is 210-240yds. The club is used from 150 yds.

  • Shallow Face Metal Woods – These Clubs are famous for the improvement of the game. These clubs have accuracy and are easy to hit as they have low center of gravity.
  • Novice golf players or beginners should replace the heavy iron clubs with hybrid clubs.
  • It is very important to know about the different types of clubs in the market and how they are sold. As iron are sold in sets which usually comprise of 9 iron clubs and a pitching wedge. Woods club can be sold individually and in sets as well. The set consists of a driver 3 woods or 5 woods. As there are many designs options available it is important that you choose a design which suits your style of play.
  • Always select a putter which you feel is good. Don’t care about money in case of a putter it can be expensive or cheap but it should suit you.

One can buy a cheap set of golf clubs and blame them if he misses it or he may buy a super expensive set and feel elated even when he misses it. Jokes apart it is very important that you buy a club which suits your style of play and you are comfortable with it regardless of how expensive or cheap it may be. You can follow the above mentioned tips by to buy a golf club and you may find your self excelling the game. Make good use of these golf club tips.

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