Golf Chipping Tips – Easy Tips Any Golfer Can Use

Golf Chipping Tips - Easy Tips Any Golfer Can Use

The chip shot in golf is a crucial one that golfers often need to play during the game. In most cases chipping shots are played to hit the ball from mid to short distances. Ideally a chip shot should be played when you need to carry the ball from 25 to 75 yards and not more than that. The main objective of playing chip shots is to land the ball onto the green with least roll of the ball. The chip shot that is played by golfers to carry the ball to the green and place it properly needs optimum accuracy and hence it is important that you play the shot right. Here we are some practical golf chipping tips that will help you to land the ball exactly where you wish to place it with minimum roll.

This the primary of all the golf chipping tips. When playing the chip shot selecting the right golf club is very important. Ideally you should take a wedge to play the chip shot and most golfers prefer the wedge over any other club. Golf wedge is a natural choice for playing the chip shots simply because the wedges have greater loft than the highest of the numbered irons. Generally the loft of wedge is more 44º. The wedges though are similar to the design of the irons they are designed for playing specific shots like chipping. The wedges give you higher but short trajectory and great backspin that is necessary to reduce the rolling of the ball after it lands on the green. So while you are playing the chip shot it is must that you choose the wedge.

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The movement of the hand is the key for a perfect chipping shot. Ideally while playing the chipping shot you have to ensure that your hand leads the golf club face during the swing and through the impact of the club to the ball. If the club head moves ahead of the hand you will end up making an upswing shot while the key for a successful chip shot is make a descending blow to the ball to ensure better loft. So use your wrist more than your shoulder if you want to play the chip shot correctly.

While taking the chip shot you must always make sure that you come down on the ball so that you can give maximum loft to the ball as that is the key to reduce the roll. To do that perfectly you have to balance your body weight to the forward foot while taking the shot. To start with the shot you should place most of your body weight to your left foot so that the ball can be played toward the back of the stance. Another aspect of getting the perfect chip shot is to restrict the swing till your hands. Always remember that while playing the chip shot you should never move your shoulder along with club as that will ensure that your hands lead the shot and stays ahead of the club.

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