Basic Golf Tips – Easy Steps How to Get Started

Basic Golf Tips - Easy Steps How to Get Started

If you are new to the game of golf and are looking for some effective basic golf tips, you have come to the right place. Here we provide some basic golf tips that will give you an insight on the basic game of golf and help you perfect your golf shots. These tips will help you to know how to position a ball, how to get a proper grip and to get a proper balance during the swing.

The position of the ball

This is surely the most neglected aspect of a good shot and taken for granted by most of the golfers. But if you really want to make a great shot the position of the golf ball is crucial and this is surely one of the vital basic golf tips that we would like to share with you all. Ideally a ball should be placed in between the two legs but slightly forward. For the driver shots it should be at least three inches from parallel line of your feet and for the golf iron shots it might be less than that. But of course this rule will vary from one golfer to the other depending on the forward movement that the golfer has. But make sure that when you start the swing, the golf club should come and touch the ball in such a manner to create a forward and downward pressure on the ball.

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Get a proper grip

The basic golf tips can not be completed without a few words on the grip. This is very important simply because the grip is the only position that you are using to control the shot. Though the preference for grip varies from one golfer to the other, ideally your grip should be neutral – neither too soft nor hard. You should firmly hold the club with a balanced golf grip that will prevent the golf club head from twisting during the hit, while transferring the power to the ball flawlessly.

Get your stance

A flawless and perfect stance while taking the shot is instrumental for a great shot. You should stand with your feet placed apart from each other in alignment with your shoulder width. Now bend your body slightly forward and ensure that the weight of the body is equally divided on both the feet when you take the stance. Now slightly relax your knees and you are ready to start the Golf Swing.

Proper balance during the swing

This the last but the most important tip which is vital for the Golf Club swing. Maintaining the body balance during the swing, back swing of club and the finishing shot is key to a perfect shot . For a flawless golf swing you should start with your feet together. Play a few shots with full swing in this position and feel how your body balance is transferring from one foot to the other while taking the shot and completing the swing and feel the balance. Then you take the feet apart and start taking the swing once again. The key of a good shot is smooth transition of the body balance from one foot to the other during the swing.

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