Tips On How To Teach Putting To Kids

Tips On How To Teach Putting To Kids

Golf is the kind of game that children would love to play at leisure. Teaching kids golf putting would not only be fun for the child but also to your entirely family. A leisure afternoon on a lovely green with golf clubs hanging along the shoulder is indeed a great experience.

Steps in Teaching Kids Golf Putting

  • Firstly, begin teaching the child how to line up the balls properly and take a stance to putt the ball.
  • Ask the child to spread his/her feet slightly (shoulder width) keeping the ball at the centre.
  • Now, hand the golf club to the child and ask him/her to grip it. Most of the kids would grip the golf club with two-handed ten finger grip. Do not insist on a sound putting grip. Explain that the wrists must not move when she putts the ball. Instead show the child the right movement of the shoulders when the swing takes place.
  • Ask the child to hit the ball many swings telling him/her that the arms should be straight and the motion of the putting stroke must look like a simple pendulum motion.

Fun Kids Golf Putting

In order to make the game of golf putting interesting to the child, you may mix other games along with golf so that kids love playing. You can use funny techniques, like laying two golf clubs on the green parallel with each other and their heads towards the hole. Separate them slightly, not more than the length of your putter head. Now ask the child to keep the gap between the golf heads as targets and try to putt the ball in.

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You are likely to find that the child begins to putt well with this simple technique. It can be a lot of fun to the child too! Also break the entire putting session into “training” and “fun” sessions. Each must last 10-20 minutes move alongside. Train the child the tips of putting skills, how to stand correctly, how to focus the attention on the ball etc. Break the training session with 20 minutes of fun. Dawing faces on the golf gloves, play catch with the golf balls etc can be some funny games that the kid will enjoy. When you combine training with fun, the child is likely to listen to the tips in putting well.

Tips: Kids Golf Putting

Do not be harsh to the child when he/she is playing the game. You may discourage the child if you insist on him/her putting well. Encourage and appreciate the child whenever the posture is right and the stroke is gentle enough and on the right path Main Slot88. Avoid pushing the child too hard. Let the kid enjoy golf as much as you do, but in his/her own pace.

The other important factor in the game of golf is to ensure safety of the child. Always keep the child in front of your vision line.

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