Golf Grip Instructions – How to Grip the Club Correctly

Golf Grip Instructions - How to Grip the Club Correctly

While you are playing golf, your grip can make a difference between a good golf shot and a poor golf shot. This will also make your round a good round or a bad one. The basic of golf instruction is that the sound grip is the foundation od a sound swing.

There are some ways to grip a golf club, but they are similar. It is a matter of individual comfort when it comes to a golf grip.

How to grip a golf club

  • If your club does not have a grip have one then.
  • Place the head of the golf club down near the ground the way you may hit the golf ball.
  • Hold the grip in the left hand and release the right hand (this is for right handed golfers. Reverse if you are a left handed golfer)
  • Adjust so that the grip is in your fingers and not the palm.
  • Your left hand should be adjusted so that the thumb is directed down the golf grip. The point where your thumb meets your hand should sit on the very top of the club.
  • The grip should be in the fingers of your right hand.
  • The vertical crease in your right hand palm should perfectly fit over your left hand
  • You may pretend as if you are pulling the trigger and place the index finger and thumb of your right hand on the grip. The V between your thumb and finger should be pointing to your right hand shoulder.
  • Your right hand thumb should not be running down straight to the club, but should be pointed to the right shoulder.
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There are three primary grips in golf

  • Light pressure grip

You need to put proper pressure to the club while you are playing golf. A tight grip may cause thin and weak shots, A lighter grip enhances wrist hinge which is a vital power source in the golf swing. This also increases the surface rotation and your chances of squaring the club at impact.

  • Vardon overlap grip

Vardon overlap or the overlapping grip is the most common grip used by golf players. In this the club is placed in the fingers. Little finger is kept on the trailing hand and placed between the index and middle finger of left hand (right handed). The thumb should fit in the lifeline of the trailing hand.

  • Interlocking grip

Interlock grip is the most common golf grip. This grip locks the hands together and the golfer runs the risk of having a stray handle in the palms. This is used by players with small hands, weak forearms and wrists. This style is popular in LPGA tours and is used by top players like Tiger Woods and Nicklaus Togel Toto 88.

You need to take the little finger on the trailing hand and intertwine it with the index finger on the lead hand.

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The thumb of lead hand should fit in the lifeline of the trailing hand.