How To Chip The Golf Ball

How To Chip The Golf Ball

If you are planning to learn the golf game, in that case you must know that there are three aspects of this game generally which are driving, chipping and putting. Each part requires some specific skills and has its own significance. Generally the most important shot for a professional golfer is chip shot because this is the shot which can lower your game’s score. So, for an amateur golfer it is important to learn how to chip golf ball correctly.

Some golfer takes their short game for granted and hardly work on it. Due to this reason they find a lot of problems in getting a good chip shot. Generally a golfer always remains too much eager to get good air on the ball; he hits the ground digging in which ultimately result in the slower club head speed at the time of impact. This ultimately results in golf ball going too high in the air and end up in going nowhere.

The correct way to chip a golf balls in the above case will be to try to hit the ball in the sweet spot of the club head before it strikes the ground; then you will certainly achieve a good impact on the ball and the shot will end in a much desirable result.

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Given below are some instructions of how to chip golf ball:

  • First of all it is important to determine how far you want the ball to fly in the air and how far it will move along the green.
  • Choose a club having an exact loft that you want in your shot.
  • Hold the golf club firmly enough by the steel shaft close to the end of the grip.
  • Bow down your knees to get down to the golf ball.
  • Make sure that your stance is narrow than normal.
  • Place the golf ball close to your feet.
  • Try to shift most of your weight to your left side (right side if you are a left hander).
  • Always mind that your wrists should always be ahead of the golf club.
  • Loose your elbows and let the club do the work.
  • Your Back swing determines the shot forward so try to swing it accordingly.

Some of the tips that you must remember before going for the chip shot are:

  • Try not to swing the ball much harder.
  • The length of backswing determines the distance on the stroke.
  • Follow through must be on the same pace for all the shots.

The ball must be place in the middle of stance to avoid chunking and fat hits.

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As soon as you start using these tips and instructions your chipping skills will definitely improve. But like any other game, golf also needs a lot of practice.

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