AMF Harley Davidson Golf Cart – Tips on Finding a Good Deal

AMF Harley Davidson Golf Cart - Tips on Finding a Good Deal

Typically, when a person hears of the name Harley Davidson, their mind often darts to their famous motorcycles. Many people are unaware that they have produced a golf car back in 1963 that drove on 3 wheels. While they are certainly outdated, many people now consider them a classic and they are difficult to find in the original condition. If you own one of these models, you may be curious as to how to find the original parts for a good price. You may also be reading this article because you want to purchase an AMF Harley Davidson Golf Cart. In order to get one of these classics for a good deal, you need to spend some time looking into the retailers, which are available and do your research on the ones, which are priced a little, lower than normal. As long as you do your research and follow the tips below, it is likely that you find one which is still in great condition and isn’t too expensive either.

Looking into the Different Places to Find a Used Cart

There are many different options open to you if you want to purchase one of these older carts. A lot of people are clueless as to where they need to start, as there are not many of these older golf carts in good condition. Below is a list of some of the most popular methods people use when they are interested in purchasing a classic vehicle.

  • One popular option is looking through Craigslist. This website is one of the best options on the internet for narrowing down the different golf carts, which are available. Simply entering in what you’re looking for and the year the golf cart was produced will likely present you with an impressive number of models to look through. This is so helpful if you want the search to be as quick as possible and don’t want to leave your home while browsing the available options.
  • There are plenty of magazines dedicated to showing individuals a variety of classis vehicles, whether it is cars or golf carts. Occasionally, you can come across a golf card produced by Harley Davidson still in good condition. It is important that you are careful to inspect the quality and any of the specifications before you call any of the sellers. You may also need to check back regularly until you find a model, which fits what you are looking for and within your budget.
  • Auctions are another good option if you are trying to find a cart for a good deal. This is such a great place to start as you can bid on one of these carts if they come up during the auction. These golf carts, while they are a classic, often cost somewhere from $50-$500. The reason they are often so cheap is because they are often run down and need care and parts to bring back to working order.
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Purchasing Old Parts for a Good Price

If you are curious as to how you can repair one of these classic models by Harley Davidson, you need to put in some effort to look in depth at the options, which are available. Since these models were very popular throughout the 60s and 70s, it can be difficult to find the necessary parts now that they are discontinued. In order to get a part you need, it takes an enormous amount of effort to track them down. You can definitely find parts if you are willing to look, especially if you follow the recommendations below.

  • Visiting a couple yard sales is a great idea if you are trying to find a specific part for your Harley Davidson golf cart and haven’t been having much luck elsewhere. You will likely come across a number of assorted classic parts and pieces at yard sales, so it is possible that you can across what you are looking for.
  • Another option that is much more convenient is going online. Websites such as EBay, Amazon, and Craigslist are perfect for tracking down the specific part you are looking for. Simply entering a search for the part you are looking for can track down a specific piece without much work, so it is definitely worth a try.
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Harley Davidson is now such a popular brand in the world today that it can be rather difficult to track down a golf cart that was produced by them. Whether you want one, which is dated back to 1963 or somewhere during the 70s, you are going to need to invest some time and money into tracking one down that is in great condition. You will likely come across many models that are older and require some extra work and in this case, you will need to spend some time researching parts as well. Being patient and looking through all of the available retailers will help you find a golf cart that is one of the most classic ones available and keep it all within your desired budget as well.